Bowman's Project Site
This web site is to showcase the various projects my wife (Stacey) and I have done over the years. Partly because we are proud of them and want to show them off but also because we have been asked about them from various friends and family and it seemed the easiest way to pass our experiences along is to document it somewhere publicly. And finally, I wanted it documented for posterity. Some of these projects are built with the idea they will last for generations and we thought it would be neat for our grandkids and their grandkids to see the process we went through to make what might be something they are still enjoying.

These projects are a combination of woodworking projects that I have built, and household crafts Stacey has made. Sometimes we will colaborate taking advantage of each others strengths. For example, I helped build the structure for the Christmas Village and she did the wood burning on the Bear Rocker and Tiger Rocker. The woodworking projects are done in a corner of our garage (with the exception of the Bear Chair which was done in a previous house in the basement). The power tools used are a Sliding Compound Miter Saw, a Band Saw, a Drill Press, a combination Belt/Disc Sander and then various common hand tools like a drill, orbital sander, router, etc.
Tiger Rocking Chair
Matchbox Car Display
Bear Rocking Chair
Rudolph Christmas Village
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